A Flip Top Box is Not Just For Cigarettes

The first product that comes to mind when a flip-top box is mentioned is a cigarette box. This style has become synonymous with most cigarette brands. The reason for this packaging type is that it is perfect for storing cigarettes and keeping them safe. The interior of the box has enough room to provide a tight fit for the product. The multiple sides of this packaging type allow the printing companies and the cigarette brands to make the best use of them. A cigarette packaging usually has details like;

  1. Filter type
  2. Flavor
  3. Warnings (in over one language)
  4. Branding elements
  5. Images, etc.

The packaging companies handpicked the material for these boxes. Protection of the cigarettes is not the only aim of packaging here. The box must protect the product from humidity, air, and other damaging elements that can mar tobacco taste. In the cigarette industry, brands that offer consistency in tobacco flavor are revered.

Some brands even select the inside of the lids to brand their packaging. It helps imprint the brand in the memories of their customers; however, the mentioned flip-top box is not just for effectively packaging the cigarettes.

Flip-top box with magnet for premium products

There are boxes crafted from a rigid material in the retail and packaging industry called this term. The lid of these boxes extends into a flap that auto-closes with the wall of the box bottom. This auto-closure results from magnets embedded in the flap and the base wall. This packaging type is a premium in the retail and packaging industry and is relatively expensive like other rigid choices. Countless sectors are using this packaging, which includes;

  1. Eyewear
  2. Jewelry
  3. Watches
  4. Candles (premium range)
  5. Cosmetics

Although they come in all sizes, companies prefer using the medium to large ones to provide over one of their best-selling items to their niche customers through this packaging. In the case of multiple products packaging interior of the box is lined with foam padding or separators especially engineered according to the products. The lining and the dividers help keep the products fixed and from bumping into each other. Little finishes like a pull-me ribbon upon addition to this packaging ease it to the next level.

Box sleeve packaging for premium products

Some products like chocolate come in various premium styled packaging. During the holiday season or Valentine’s Day, one can find them in irresistible packaging that calls out to their target audiences and niche. The most significant feature of this packaging is that companies can add over one sleeve to their packaging. Many brands have printed coupons or reduction promos on one sleeve and product information on the other. Brands and packaging companies use their creativity when composing the functionality and appeals of these boxes. This packaging is accessible from both sides like a matchbox. Hair extension companies that need to lay their products flat in the boxes often use it.

The high finish of these boxes comes from;

  1. UV finishing gives them a fluid-like shine and brings out the colors as bold and impressive.
  2. Other brands like to use laminations in matte style for a more sophisticated look. If they want to choose glamourous appeals, they opt for gloss laminations. Using laminations adds a layer of protection to these boxes and keeps them safe from scratches and smudges.
  3. Window patching is another popular finish used in this packaging that allows customers to evaluate what they are buying without opening the box.

Author Name : Paul Smith

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