C Sections: Truths, Myths, Facts and Fiction

Despite the rising number of cesarean sections, people still believe in a lot of misinformation and facts around this surgical procedure. C-section was found in the 1600s as the alternative way to vaginal delivery. The procedure has developed a lot over the past few decades. Today, delivery through cesarean section is considered safe. In some cases, a cesarean is the only way to deliver a baby due to the complications involved in the vaginal childbirth method.

C-sections are very common in women who have had a baby delivered through cesarean before. But, a doctor might also recommend this invasive delivery method if there is any abnormality spotted in the ultrasound reports. It is also common in cases where the size of the baby is too large or there is a placenta previa.

For most patients, the doctors at the maternity hospital in Thane, expect natural deliveries. However, a c-section might be needed at the last minute, i.e., if the baby is lying in complex positions or the patient isn’t getting the labor. Doctors can’t really tell whether you will need a c-section until you get the labor. The delivery procedure depends on how well you are progressing in labor, the position of the baby, and other factors. In some cases, a cesarean is the safest delivery method.

Are You Put to Sleep for C-Section?

You are given regional anesthesia, which is used to numb a specific part of your body where the operation is performed. In a c-section, anesthesia is used to numb your whole belly. Doctors do not put the patient to sleep, as they want the mother to see how their child is born and connect with the baby after birth. The effect of regional anesthesia lasts for 2-4 hours. The numbing medication is injected into your body either through a spinal or epidural catheter.

So, in most cases, you are not given general anesthesia. However, it may be necessary if your platelet count is too low or the surgery is performed as an emergency.

Can You Have Multiple C-sections?

There are women who undergo 3-4 c-sections and those who have a single c-section delivery. So, there is no specific limit as to how many cesareans you can have. It varies from person to person and the complications in your pregnancy. However, repeat c-sections do involve a certain level of increased risk. It may increase the risk of uterine scarring, bowel injuries, bleeding, and other complications.

Will You Feel Anything During the C-section?

You are delivering a baby, so it goes without saying that you will feel some tugging or a little pressure around your belly. However, a vast majority of patients do not feel pain or any sensation during the procedure. Some women might experience nausea or vomiting, which is absolutely normal. These mainly occur due to the medications you are given during the c-section or from low blood pressure.

Can You Make Skin Contact with the Baby after a Section?

Most women are scared to undergo cesarean delivery, not because of the cuts and scars, but they believe they can’t make skin contact with the baby after a c-section. Fortunately, it is only a misconception.

Yes, you get incisions on your belly and that portion of your body will be tender for a few days. It may take you some time to find a comfortable position to hold a baby, but there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make skin-to-skin contact with the newborn. Hold the baby carefully and don’t put any unnecessary strain on the scar, and you will be fine!

Can You Breastfeed after Cesarean?

Whether you’d like to breastfeed the baby or bottlefeed is totally up to you. Note that the method of delivery has nothing to do with your ability to breastfeed the newborns. In fact, most mothers start breastfeeding right after birth. In some cases, women wait to start breastfeeding after cesarean. However, a c-section will not impact your ability to breastfeed. So, you can rest easy knowing that you can breastfeed your child for as long as you want after birth through cesarean.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Conceive after a C-section?

How soon you want to conceive after a c-section is your decision, but doctors recommend you wait for at least 6-12 months before planning another child. The doctor will check your medical history and the possible complications in pregnancy when giving you advice for the next pregnancy.  It’s better to take some time, as it gives enough time for your scar to heal and makes you strong enough to conceive.

C-section has nothing to do with your ability to conceive. In fact, any delivery method will have no impact on your next pregnancy. If you are facing any difficulty in conceiving, call an infertility specialist in Thane for treatment options.

Can You Have a Vaginal Birth After C-Section?

One of the common myths surrounding c-section delivery is that you can’t have a vaginal birth if you have delivered a baby through a surgical procedure before. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible to have a vaginal delivery in patients with a c-section history. However, it primarily depends on your past history and your current health. It’s always important to check with your gynaecologist if and how you can.


There are many myths and facts surrounding c-section. Will I be able to conceive after a cesarean? Can I breastfeed? How long until I recover fully? You can get answers to all your questions from your doctor. They will explain everything about c-section, the risks involved, and the recovery period. It’s better to talk to a specialist than believe the rumors you hear from people.

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Author Name : Dr.Sujata Rathod

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