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Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream Fashion creates and striving to capture a mood or a feeling with only fabrics and colours.

Fashion has always been important in our lives. To be one of the people who can continue a proud line of fashion designers and merge the useful with the beautiful is not short of magic.

Why would anyone study Fashion Design.

To understand Fashion Design, one has to understand glamour and consensus. The end point of Fashion Design, like any form of creativity,  some people would like to look at and wear. Using all the accessories and material at hand, and armed with knowledge of history, aesthetics, and technology, designers are tasked to create garments for a wide range of people and events, each piece having to be as special and as amazing as the one before.

Why Choose Dream Zone Kanpur in fashion designing ?

At Dream Zone is Top School of Fashion designing course in Kanpur that’s why we choose DreamZone Kanpur, They are 30+ Years old in Education Industries Kanpur Center Students Had achieved Guinness book of Records Certificate is Internationally Valid.Only Center to Give Certificate of NSDC & Skill India ,Only Brand trusted by SBI to give SBI Skill Loan Facility.Government Approved Certificate with Skill India and NSDC.Present in 30+ countries.Believe in experiential learning,They have the Largest Chain of 103+ centers across India.Attempted World record of 25 hours Continues Fashion show. Unique World Record for Most no. of Designers in one Continues Show.In-house Placement Cell , Students are placed World wide, PWW ( Placement world Wide ) Placement cell for Students Placement ,Friendly environment Creative Learning 100% job Assistance

Dream Zone is one of the Top Fashion Design Institute in Kanpur.

Humans are always pleased by what catches their attention and have high appeal. The same applies to clothes and apparel. We all are predisposed to wearing and flaunting our dresses among our friends and families. But some of us have a flaming passion for stitching and designing apparel which in turn becomes one of the hottest jobs in the world; we are talking about Fashion Designing.

Are you considering a career shift in fashion design? 

If yes, you’ve landed at the perfect place that has borne some of the most successful fashion designers.

Dreamzone Institute helps you get on the bandwagon of fashion trends and enables you to sharpen up your design skills with unprecedented efficiency. Our Master’s diploma in Fashion designing will help you create great costumes and designs more reflectively, resourcefully, and responsibly through our expert techniques.Dreamzone offers a professionally oriented course that provides essential training and technical skills required to build a competitive portfolio and walk

on a new career path. This course is best suited to students who have prior experience in fashion designing and have a knack for designing dresses and apparel ,Feel Free To Contact Us.

Phone – 800958000

Email – dreamzoneknp@gmail.com


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