eQooder – a four-wheel electric motorcycle

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Quadro Vehicles unveiled the all-new eQooder, the world’s first and only electric vehicle with four swivel wheels and zero emissions. eQooder was created in partnership with Zero Motorcycles, which has supplied the four-wheeled motorcycle with the Z-Force 75-7 electric motor. With the new engine, the eQooder received 60 hp (45 kW) and 110 Nm of torque, which means that it has become more powerful than many representatives of motor vehicles of the maxi-scooter class.

The performance of the eQooder electric motor is comparable to a 650 cc internal combustion engine. Zero Motorcycles also outfitted the eQooder with a 10.8 kWh modular battery that charges fully in 6 hours. Quadro promises that a full charge will last 105 km of the eQooder – four-wheel electric motorcycle.

The eQooder has two standard driving modes – Eco and Sport, and the third, Navigation, is manually configured via a smartphone app. By referring to this application, the driver will be able to optimize the route in relation to the nearest charging station.

For improved manoeuvring, the eQooder features a reverse gear for reversing backwards, and the motor is mated to a mechanical differential like a conventional four-wheel car, but unlike a car, the eQooder enters corners just like a motorcycle or scooter.

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