Fiber Optic Patch Cables The common types available in the market

Nowadays the use of Fiber Optic Patch Cables has increased. These cables are used to transfer heavy data files from one device to the other in just a few seconds. These cables are widely used everywhere. They can be divided into different types based on cable structure, mode, and connector.

  • Single mode fiber patch cables use single mode fiber optic connectors at both the ends. They are mainly yellow in color.

  • Multimode fiber patch cables are terminated with multimode fiber connectors at both the ends. They are usually orange in color.

  • 10gig multimode fiber optic patch cables provide three times the bandwidth of traditional multimode fibers. They are usually blue in color.

The customer should clean these cables using reel connector cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, duster, and swab cleaner. These cables should be handled with care and caution. The other special kind of fiber optic patch cables includes a pre-terminated pigtail, the mode with fiber optic cable and polarization maintaining fiber optic cables. These might sound technical but can be easily differentiated based on the colors of these cables.

The customer can Buy Cat 6 Ethernet Cable in bulk quantity and avail various types of discounts from online stores. Online stores offer a wide variety of these cables.

Custom USB Cables also come in different varieties and types. People should consider their needs and specifications before making the purchase. Also, these cables are very delicate and should be handled with due care. More info Custom Cables Made To Order .

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