How Does SEO Work

The first thing to know before you start your SEO journey is what it is and how it works.

SEO simply is Search Engine Optimization, which, in simple words, means the techniques of improving the quantity along with the quality of the traffic that arrives at your website due to the organic traffic with the help of search results.

 Your website entices all the visitors from all over the world. This means that people who are genuinely interested in the products that you deliver or offer should be the ones that are coming to your website. This is to say that the organic traffic, significant in both qualities and quantity, should be attracted to your website.

After you reach the level when you get the correct quality of people clicking through your website with the help of those search engine results pages (SERPs), the more the traffic will be attracted, and as a result, the better would be the result. Organic traffic would be any traffic that you don’t have to pay for because it is the ads that make up a significant portion of most of the SERPs.

Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Youtube, and many others are referred to as the search engines.

These search engines have a crawler that ultimately goes and efficiently gathers all the information related to the content that they can search for over the Internet about the topic or thing you want to find about.

They tries to bring the 1s and 0s back, these crawlers work in a way by bringing all those to the search engine to build an index. This index is fed with the help of an algorithm which tried to match all the data consistent with your query.

Search engine optimization is all about amending the content on your website. When done in large amounts, it can significantly impact the traffic arriving on your website. It also helps in increasing the user experience providing organic search traffic.

Let me explain it to you with an example. If you want to find a recipe, you probably do not want to get the result of some vehicle company. So that the process receives easy, these search engines work algorithms in real-time to provide you with the best outcome whenever you search for something on any search engine.

But the question arises, Why should you engage in search engine optimization? What are its benefits?

An SEO is computable

  1. Preserving a correlation amongst all the actions that SEO takes is necessary to pull together all the data that the SEO provides to you.
  2. SEO would help you keep a steady track of your performance, whether in the past, present, or future.
  3. It will benefit in content marketing gaps, concentrating on your consumers’ schemas, demands, and interests.
  4. Upholding a record of your website’s actions accompanied by the most viewed content besides checking the competition ranking and its analysis.
  5. This can be a reliable feature to show your SEO’s success, as numbers are never deceptive!

A push for startups

  1. For startup companies, an opening upliftment is prominent for outdoing the competitors and being at parity with the giant and long-standing players.
  2. SEO not only provides the desired results but also works to build a strong reputation for your company in the market.

Friendly keywords

  1. Optimization of the keywords is one of the most significant and perhaps the most acceptable way to surge your website’s rankings.
  2. These keywords help take full advantage of your website content with the use of the most common and extensively searched keywords.
  3. It is time-saving in addition to an effective method towards boosting your ranking.

Understanding web environment

  1. Understanding an SEO working with your website will benefit you in understanding the nature of the web environment, as the changes keep taking place. It is essential to be up to date concerning SEO working for increasing the ranking of your website.

A Long-term strategy

  1. The more the amount of time, effort, and resources you invest in an SEO, the more chances of your profit margin expanding.
  2. Typically, a remarkable impact can be seen in a year or two of the action taking place, but many of those steps will leave a long-lasting effect that will energize your company’s growth for the years to come.
  3. Your business also needs SEO since it will help in structuring your business in the long-term.

Organic Traffic

  1. Organic traffic is the one which includes Quality over Quantity. On average, there are around 3.7 billion searches every day. The only intent of stating it here is to make you realize that there are billions of chances of your website getting discovered online.
  2. SEO would help you validate that your website’s title tags and meta descriptions are up to the mark and that the keyword research is also improvised.
  3. This would help in promoting organic web traffic for your website.
  4. Organic traffic would further help you make a difference because all the genuine and qualified customers are precisely the zone of people you want to reach your website.
  5. With this, your site performance to be tracked that will help in maintaining records of the per day visitors that your website experiences.

Reducing your need to advertise

  1. Even if you are an already established brand or just a startup, everyone wants to get things done in a method that would not cost you a fortune.
  2. We are already aware of the relationship between social media and SEO. The higher the ranking, the more would be the media engagement.
  3. Advertisements are actually expensive if compared to SEO’s, so that is where SEO would come to your rescue. Saving the money of ads in addition to getting more social media engagement, this is how you will be able to kill two birds with one stone.

After reading this, you must be thinking, does SEO work? No worries, we will help you in finding your answer:

The answer is YES, SEO does work! Provided you make use of it in the right way.

Even when the SEO practices are implemented in the best possible way, it would at least take six months to a year for you to look at the changes. You will need a lot of patience for this!

This depends on several factors:


  1. Your site’s previous experiences with Google

Google gives every web page a ranking called the TrustRank or trust score reflecting your web page’s reliability and trustworthiness. This rating indicates you the level of  how much your web page can reach the rankings.

The higher you get ranked by Google, the higher would be your chances of SEO results.

You can do this by improving your website’s link by outsourcing, such as an endorsement from other Google websites.


  1. Your website’s age on Google

If your web page is new to Google, your web page may take time to reach Google’s index. But, if you link your web page with any already established high-quality site, this would

increase your reputation in front of Google, speeding up the ranking process of your web page.

Penalties by Google in the past

This factor is essential enough to be considered when you want to rank your site. If Google has penalized your web site in any way, it would ruin your reputation in front of Google and affect your other rankings.

This happens when you use techniques like linking with spam sites, having pages with no original content, relevant titles, stealing content from other webpages, or even putting in a large number of keywords.

When this happens, it would hinder your SEO campaigns and take a lot of time for your SEO to work.

SEO is a great way to authentically want your viewers to be interested and continuously engaged in your content. This is also great in increasing and improving the traffic and content on your web pages.

If you are a content writer, your primary focus should be on making original content and optimizing it from time to time to keep your audience’s interest consistent on your blogs. If you want to improve your SEO content, it’s all about using the right tools as these tools help in increasing your website’s overall rankings.

Some of the best free tools that can be used for this purpose are :

Google keyword planner

As the name suggests, the Google Keyword Planner tool aids you to get to know the latest and most use keywords that are not only trending but also related to your niche of writing. This keyword planner helps you reach the audience that is genuinely interested in your content topic and keep them tuned with you in the long run.

Plagiarism Checker

You may or may not already know that search engines also give importance to the plagiarised content by penalizing them, and you sure do not want this to happen with you. So, you should invest in a good plagiarism checker in addition to checking grammar and syntax so that your content is free from any plagiarism and thereby, reducing your chances of getting penalized by the search engines.


  1. Keyword density Checker

Search engines also penalize web pages that are stuffed with thousands of keywords. Therefore, it should be avoided no matter what, and for this, you will need a keyword density checker. A keyword density checker will help check if there is an optimum amount of keywords in your blog content and no overloading of unnecessary keywords.


  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great SEO tool if you want your content to be perfect in all ways, like grammar, syntax, and plagiarism. To make your content fully polished, it should be of high quality with zero errors. Grammarly will help you make sure your grammar, spelling, advancing your content’s tone and its primary purpose.


  1. YoastSEO

YoastSEO is a handy SEO tool. It helps provide you real-time feedback as and when you post your content on the blog post on WordPress. It provides a checklist that includes suggestions and errors in your latest content, optimizing the content to the fullest. This is a very efficient tool in that sense.


  1.  Social Animal

Grammar, plagiarism, keywords are essential, but if you do not choose the right topic for your content, all this does not mean anything. Social Animal is an SEO tool that helps you select a suitable range by providing you with the most visited pages and their content topics after searching with keywords according to your niche. This makes it a great tool to be used.


  1. Linkody

Linkody is a tool that aids you in getting to know which all sites have linked your content on their website. Not only this, with this feature, you also get to know about the strategies used by your competitors in boosting the rankings of their website. This will also help build a link with other content writers, which would further boost your rankings.

Some of the other tools that you can use for increasing your website ranking with the help of various other SEO tools are GooglePage Speed Insights, Google Analytics, Moz Local Listing Score, Moz Link Explorer, SimilarWeb, Google Trends, and so on.

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