Japanese Stainless Harakiri Kitchen Knife Set 3 Units

japanese kitchen knives typesLeif Mannerström Steel classic knife set with three Japanese knives in contemporary design, japanese kitchen knives uk featuring a Japanese prepare blade 20 cm, bread knife 22 cm and a knife 12.5 cm. The knives have actually comfortable manages in black colored. Wasabi Black – polished blade, black handle: these Japanese created knives feature a stainless steel polished knife with a stiffness of 58±1 HRC that provide kitchen area the unmistakable Far Eastern style.

japanese kitchen knife Leif Mannerström Steel classic blade set with three Japanese knives in contemporary design, featuring a japanese kitchen knives uk prepare blade 20 cm, loaves of bread blade 22 cm and a knife 12.5 cm. The knives have actually comfortable handles in black colored. Wasabi Ebony – polished blade, black handle: these japanese kitchen knives uk designed knives feature a stainless refined blade with a hardness of 58±1 HRC that lend kitchen area the unmistakable far-eastern flair.

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