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John Deere India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Deere & Company, the USA in India. John Deere and Charles Deere are the founders of John Deere Company. Two years later John Deere served as the Mayor of Moline. One of the most performing manufacturers, John Deere Tractor dates back to 1998 when they rolled their manufacturing unit which is the famous L&T Group in India.

  • John Deere started India operations in a JV in 1998. It was meant to be for manufacturing tractors for India and for export markets. John Deere manufactures tractors in Pune, Maharashtra and in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.  These tractors are distributed through a network of 19 area offices, 6 Regional Offices, and close to 900 dealers touchpoints and 4 training centers spread across India.
  • John Deere India exports to more than 110 countries worldwide. Headquartered at Pune, today, John Deere has a footprint of eight facilities for manufacturing and services in India. Over the years John Deere has contributed to farming in India by introducing products in various segments of the Agricultural value chain including seeding, harvesting, and post-harvesting equipment.  
  • John Deere tractors produce tractors from engine output of 35 HP to 120 HP at a wide range of price points.
  • John Deere Tractors manufactures high performance, multi-application rugged machines that provide maximum comfort for the driver at the most affordable tractor price.

    D Series Tractors :

    John Deere 5D series tractors range from 36HP to 55 HP. The 5D series tractors are multi utility in nature, efficient in both agricultural applications as well as heavy duty haulage. These tractors offer higher comfort in terms of wider operator station, neutral safety switch , and lower maintenance cost. John Deere 5D series includes PowerPro models and Value++ models, offering our customers a wide range of tractors to select from.

    E Series Tractors :

    John Deere 5E Series tractors are available from 50HP to 75HP. The 5E series tractors are specially designed for heavy duty applications and to handle large size implements with great ease and efficiency.

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    Models :

    • John Deere 5310: 55 HP – 9 Forward Gear, 3 Reverse Gear – Oil Immersed Brakes – 2000kg Lifting Capacity.
    • John Deere 5050D: 50 HP – 8 Forward Gear, 4 Reverse Gear – Oil Immersed Disc Brakes – 1600kg Lifting Capacity.
    • John Deere 5210: 50 HP – 12 / 9 Forward Gear, 4 / 3 Reverse Gear – Oil Immersed Brakes – 2000kg Lifting Capacity.
    • John Deere 5060: 60 HP – 9 Forward Gear, 3 Reverse Gear – Oil Immersed Brakes – 2000kg Lifting Capacity.

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