Kaisa Ye Zehar – Official Video | Prateek Gandhi | Ambika Babbar Gandhi | AUM Studio

Kaisa Ye Zehar – Official Video | Prateek Gandhi | Ambika Babbar Gandhi | AUM Studio

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Kaisa Ye Zehar | Prateek Gandhi | Ambika Babbar Gandhi | Youtube video

Aum” studio presents Prateek Gandhi’s “Kaisa Ye Zehar” The Audio and Video speaks about the brutal reality of the pain and destruction of human lives which we went through & still going through …!! Lockdown is hoax. 100 years (1920-2020) gone by…before that centuries…and maybe the coming generations in future will witness and face it too. What improvements the world has seen? It’s all a hoax. Same dirty politics has been played once again to get New World order in place. Was lockdown part of the plan? What did we witnessed? Did the experience made us aware of the reality?

Song credits :

Singer & Composer – Prateek Gandhi
Music – Prateek Gandhi
Lyrics – Sachin Urmtosh
Music recorded , produced & mix-mastered @ AUM Studio Mumbai

Video credits :

Concept & Direction – Ambika Babbar Gandhi
Edit & DI/FX – Shreyansh Misra
DOP – Aritro Mukherjee
Camera and Lenses – Paxton Equipments
Croma set-up – Paxton Equipments
Lights and Accessories – Raju Chakravarty

Poster /artwork – Prasant , Chirag & Rani

Produced by – AUM Studio
Digital partner & distribution – Global music junction


Outfit and Styling : Ambika Babbar Gandhi

Make-up and Hair : Praja Ratna


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