Medical Technologies in 2020: Number 6 Will Amaze You

The field of medicine has made a lot of new discoveries and people are still working on coming up with new ones. There are tens or even more discoveries that are made every year but many of them aren’t as innovative as the ones I’m about to list here. You do know that technology has a lot to do with every single field in the world, right? Scientists have brought some really crazy technologies to the world of medicine that can help the patients and doctors a lot. So without getting you guys in any more excitement, let’s see what technologies have come to help us medically. 

  • Brain Sensors

The brain sensors that I’m talking about are wireless and are as small as the tip of a pen. These brain sensors are designed by scientists and neurosurgeons. They are actually the chips that are inserted into the brain which is perfectly safe for the health of the patient. With these sensors, the doctors or surgeons can easily monitor the pressure and the temperature within the brain. But you might be thinking that there would be the need for another surgery to take out the sensors. Nope! These sensors are soluble which means that there’s no need to take them out. They will dissolve in the patient’s body safely after some time. Cool, huh?

  • Artificial But Practical Organs

Have you ever thought about having your organs removed and getting them replaced by fake ones? Well, you might never have thought of it but some scientists have. Yes, they have used 3D printing technologies to print pancreas, blood vessels, synthetic ovaries, etc. These artificial organs, when placed inside the body at their respective positions, start to grow. Every year, the lives of millions of patients can be saved because of this technology. I know it sounds like a fantasy but it actually is true. 

  • Health Monitoring Wearables

These days, you might be seeing people wearing a cool watch on their wrists that tells them how many steps they have walked today and how many calories they have already burned. Maybe you have that watch or any other such wearable with you as well. Plus, there are smartphone apps as well that tell all these health-related things. This is how far technology has taken us. We actually use these wearables to our good and they’re pretty accurate as well. There’s also this device that Apple made that a person can wear and it can tell the heart rhythms pretty accurately just like an ECG device would do. Doctors can actually use it for the best of us. 

  • VR 

Yep, I’m talking about virtual reality that is being cherished all around the world these days. You might mainly know about virtual reality because of gaming and watching 360 videos and movies through a VR device. But that’s not the limit because we use this technology in the medical field for educating the students and practitioners. Through VR, students understand the practices of medicine, surgeries, human anatomy, and a lot of other things that help them in their fields. Also, this technology helps the patients to understand their own conditions, causes, and treatments better and in a fun way. So, overall, VR technology is going by storm in this world, and it’s good news.

  • Quick Communication

Yes I know it’s a common thing to mention here but you don’t quite know what exactly I’m talking about. We all have our smartphones and other communication devices through which we can connect to other people easily. And this technology brought a lot of help to us by allowing the patients to communicate with their doctor without a need to physically go to them. Many times, it’s extremely hard for the patient to actually go to the doctor physically. These applications help a lot!!! Also, treatments like prescribing of the medicines and payments can also be done through this. How amazing and convenient it actually is, right? 

  • Machines Do The Surgeries

Surgeons use robots to perform the surgeries of their patients, not entirely though. Sometimes, the condition is really critical and it requires extreme flexibility, control, and precision which is almost not possible for a human to achieve. In such situations, the surgeons use specifically designed robots to perform the surgeries. Through them, they can easily know the details of the patient’s condition and it makes their surgery easy. Many people believe that human surgeons, as a whole, will be replaced by robots but that’s not going to happen. At most, the robots will be used only to assist the surgeons in their tasks and that’s it. 

  • Cosmetic Technology

This technology is directly related to cosmetics, as you could predict. In the field of medicine, there are cosmetic surgeries as well that take place and you might know about them as well. The tools and post-treatment devices that are used to make the formulas for cosmetic treatments are the ones I’m particularly talking about. There are even medically-formulated soaps that doctors recommend after cosmetic surgery because they don’t have harsh effects on your skin. These soaps are given complete protection through soap packaging boxes that the soap manufacturer buys from Dawn Printing usually. It is a packaging company that makes sure of the protection of the soap through its amazing-quality stocks and beauty through attractive and creative printing and artwork on its soap packaging boxes. Technology is everywhere, isn’t it?

  • The Advanced Inhalers

These inhalers are super awesome, why? Because they have this amazing technology built in them that the asthma patients, who don’t even know how to use it properly, will use it the way it should be. You know, it is used to help asthma patients deliver medicines directly to their lungs. Since these are “smart” now, let me tell you what they can do. Smart inhalers have a bluetooth technology built in them that helps them communicate all the data with a connected device: a smartphone. Of course, they have specific mobile applications for it. Through the device on the inhaler and the mobile application, one can monitor the time and date of each dose and tell if the dose was given properly or not. With this information, the patient can easily use these smart inhalers without any headache. 


I’d say that technology is a blessing but only if it is being used in a positive way. It feels really nice to hear that people are bringing technology in helping the patients, doctors, students, etc. to make their tasks and learning easy. What’s more fascinating about this is that it’s the technology that we are familiar with but the sad part about it is that we don’t think about it much. Maybe if we do, we can come up with more ideas and concepts that will actually help humanity. We have our smartphones, laptops, the internet, everything available at our fingertips. We just have to have some research skills and a creative mind and we can definitely come with a really great idea!

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