BHAGYANK 4                                                          

How can an astrologer/ Numerologist help!

An Astrologer/ Numerologist studies your whole chart from your birth time to your current and helps you plan out your future side by side making you aware about the shortcomings that may occur due to the currents planetary positions in your life.

Pankaj Nirmal is one such reliable Astrologer/ Numerologist who can help you connect with your good fortunes. One session with him can make you understand the science of astrology in your life better.

Understanding Bhagyank 3- Skills, characteristics, career.

Bhagyank is a number achieved when you add up the date, month and year of your birth, it tells us about our personality traits. For example- Bhagyank 4 is achieved if we add 20/8/1983, as per numerology the Bhagyank comes out to be 4 and the rule of Rahu is associated with this number.

People belonging to Bhayank 4 are always seen to be very active and agile in whatever they do and very aggressive in nature or in some other cases are found exactly opposite of this trait i.e very much calm peaceful, kind, docile. There is no in between of emotions for the people belonging to this Bhagyank.

Speed of the ruling of Rahu is very high that is why people of this Bhagyank are very fast in taking decisions. People of this Bhagyank will always have enough motivation to learn new things, they are very aggressively active with whatever they do, there is said to be no scope of laziness in them when it comes to work and people of this Bhagyank number are known to be promise keepers, if they have committed to something they are most likely to fulfill almost all the times.

Bhagyank 4 people are very pro-active and good organizers, they are known to be well finishers of work. A Bhagyank 4 will start working early be it through a job or own business.

In this world, whatever amount of innovations, new things are found, made, analytical inventions done and achieved is all said to be due to Rahu. 

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