Preet Tractor Models 2021 in India


Preet Tractors was supported in 2002 when the large success of the series of mix Harvesters factory-made by PREET AGRO Industries (P) restricted. Initially, the corporation started producing agricultural tractors starting from thirty-five power units to fifty-five power units. Shortly after the nice adoption of Preet Tractors by farmers sixty power units, 65 HP, and seventy-five power unit tractors were launched severally. These days Preet Tractors manufactures thirty-five power units to ninety power units. These tractors are units in nice demand by the Indian and overseas agricultural markets.


The most popular Preet Tractor models are preet 6049 , preet 955 , preet 3549 , preet 4549 , preet 9049 , preet 6549 , preet tractor 6549 4wd price , preet 7549 , preet 7549 .


KhetiGaadi also plays an important role in the Indian tractor industry as the world‘s first online platform in farm mechanization. KhetiGaadi provides all detailed information about all types of farm equipment with their specifications and On road price, if you want to buy a new tractor just go and check KhetiGaadi website page or facebook page.


Preet Tractors manufactures high performance, multi-application rugged machines that provide maximum comfort for the driver at the most affordable tractor price.


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