Are you amongst those, who are unable to attract traffic to your e-commerce website, even after working your fingers to the bone?

Ever wondered, why is AMAZON present in one of the first three links of everything you browse and surf? It gives its users customized options for viewing customer reviews, along with so many filters and formats. How?

Are you clued-up about this brilliant term SEO? Yes, this is the solution to all your problems and this might turn out to be the only thing that you’ve been waiting for decades!


An SEO or search engine optimization is a magical potion that enhances your website in every possible way to make it hit the nail on the head.

There are various SEO companies, they look into your website content, and it’s attributes, and work diligently to boost the ranking of your e-commerce website on every search engine platform, eventually attracting traffic and increasing your profit margins.

These companies work on improving the visibility of your website, which makes it easier for users to reach out to you.

A sharp inclination in the demand and the rate of investment in an SEO for e-commerce websites is evidence of how significant it is for the marketers.

Before beginning with anything else, let’s take a brief look at why is SEO important for your e-commerce website. 


A change has been observed in the past few years about the methodologies adopted various e-commerce websites to increase their traffic.

Most of them have moved from the age-old traditional tactics to the strategies suggested by their SEO companies. These services include everything ranging from content analysis to optimization of duplicate content, missing information, errors and bugs, and customer satisfaction.

Contentment and gratification of online users have gained priority in the list of goals that the websites want to achieve.

Here’s an example that might convince you to use SEO services for your e-commerce website.

An Australia- based toy company, saw a rise in organic traffic by 116% through adopting SEO services.

Also, you do not want your website to be just ‘any’ ordinary one similar to that of your competitors.

Wondering how to do an SEO for e-commerce websites? You’ll find it all here. Scroll further to learn more!

Keyword Research. 

How do you make sure that your website gets to make a mark on the search engines and catches the eye of the users?

Building a strong and targeted keyword list is the foremost step to extend a hand to the users. There’s hardly any difference between using long-tail keywords or head terms, but their presence is something that should be focussed upon.

An SEO agency does that for you. It follows a complex four to a five-step process to build attractive keywords.

These steps include:-

✓Choosing a principal word and clubbing a list of keywords based on that.

✓Entering the principal word into any reliable keyword planner

✓Sorting the list and finalizing a bunch of two or three keywords.

✓ Categorization based on informational keywords.

Site Architecture

The Site Architecture can be understood as something that allows the owner of the e-commerce website to keep a track of how the consumers go through the website.

It is a very important aspect as most of the websites have hundreds and thousands of product pages.

The users can find it extremely infuriating if it takes an hour-long time to get back to the home page.

As an example, think of John as a customer who has reached your website to buy headphones.

He types ‘headphones’ in the navigation bar and then selects the type of headphones he wants to purchase. As soon as he does this, he is welcomed by the ‘n’ number of products on the site.

This is an ideal customer experience that should always be kept in mind while building your site architecture.

Supreme site architecture should have 4 tiers with proper structure, but this cannot be managed without a professional and reliable SEO company.

Technical SEO

The department of a technical SEO is as important to a website as a clever attribute is to a fox!

There are numerous ways in which technical SEO can give you what you want. Some of them are: implementing schema markup, switching to https’s’, cleanup URL’s and much more.

On-page SEO

What is the first thing that a user looks at when he opens your website? Well, this is not about the most noticeable feature on your site, but about individual preferences.

So many aspects to look at:-

✓description tag

✓title tag

✓product categorization


✓social sharing and platforms

✓ reviews, et al.

Since it is difficult to anticipate the customer’s perception, you need to affirm that every aspect of your site is up to the mark.

An SEO company remains ever ready to do that and provides you with the best of it’s affordable and professional SEO services. 


Let’s talk about the most controversial yet important topic, what are the prices?

Many factors influence what you pay to an SEO for your site.

some of them are:-

✓ Duration

An important deciding factor is the amount of time that you hire your services for. This can be on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

✓ Number of Projects

Are you adopting the services for just a project or more than one? The payment options and packages differ in this context too.

✓ Size of your business

Is your business a widespread one? Or do you need to spread your business further? Is it stable? Or is it still on a sea-saw?

Depending on the services you demand and the extent to which you want to proliferate your business will give you an idea about how much these services will cost you.

✓ The e-commerce SEO company you choose

While some companies provide cheap SEO services, they don’t guarantee quality assistance.

You should be very careful while choosing an SEO company that assures your qualitative content at affordable prices.

You need to go through a list of SEO companies for your website and invest in the right place for desired results.

Here are some established prices for your e-commerce website.

Monthly cost : $750-$5000

Fixed price : $500-$3000

Project based : $1000-$30,000

Hourly consultation : $100-$300


According to 61% of marketers, SEO ranks the highest in their list of focus. Shutting one’s eyes to maximization of SEO services can prove extravagant on your bank accounts.

What is an SEO Audit? 

A comprehensive and understandable process of scrutinizing the relationship between your website and it’s best practices.

The objective behind this audit is to recognize the fundamental issues that hamper the search results. It is usually done regularly.

One should take an ample amount of time while they perform an audit as the level of up-gradation would decide the amount of traffic your website gets.

An SEO audit is usually carried out across three categories:-

✓ Technical Audit

✓On- page Audit

✓ Server- Log Audit

Key Elements

There are certain key factors to keep in mind during an SEO Audit:-

✓ Indexing and hosting

✓ Content, metadata, and keywords

✓Outside references

60% of the searches take place through mobiles which means that if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then your ranking drops, and all your long- driven effort goes in vain.

If you work with an affordable SEO company, you don’t have to worry about that.


When it comes to auditing your website, no compromise shall be made. Auditing your website regularly is highly recommended. Here are some reasons:-

✓ Ensuring proper order

✓ Avoiding stagnant content for long durations of time

✓ Keep a check on the content

✓Fixing critical issues as soon as they arise

✓Keeping an eye on your competition

How to perform?

If it is so important to execute an SEO audit, how can we do it? Take a look at these quick steps that you can perform:-

✓ Crawl: Always make sure to begin your audit with a crawl.

✓ Browsing: If your website possesses multiple versions, make sure that only of them is browsable. When there are multiple versions, confusion might arise, making it difficult for the search engines to showcase your website.

✓Checking: Keep a regular check on your on-page content for any duplicacy or misinterpretation of content.

✓ Managing links: This is important for creating and maintaining logical hierarchies that may improve your ranking.

✓ Checking Speed: With the rising amount of impatience in the users, speed check becomes another important aspect to include in your SEO audit.

Despite a difference of opinion on how the SEO audit should be conducted, one thing remains common: Performing an SEO audit is very important to keep up the rankings.

Just try and imagine a situation: You work very hard on your e-commerce website and you promise to sell the best products, but despite this, your website fails to reach out to the audience. Disastrous, I know.  Guess what? We know how heartbreaking that must have felt and that is why we bring to you some tips that you can follow if you don’t want yourself stuck in this situation.

1.Efficient and strategic keywords.

Mentioned for the thousandth time, ‘Keywords’ are an inevitable part of your journey to be at the top.

Get to know your customer’s schemas and their search intent. They might not use some heavy- vocabulary words if they want to buy or ask something. Try to keep your keywords as simple, yet effective, as you can.

Understand what the users expect and what are their intents, work in line with the same. Go to the other end and think in terms of user queries.

Next, don’t forget to include significant keywords in your product descriptions, it will aid the users to view products of similar color, weight, size, composition, etc.

2.Steer clear of duplicate content

Product descriptions that are often given by a seller- the seller can prove to be a foe when it comes to e-commerce websites.

Always beware of any such issue by filtering or categorizing any piece of duplicate content on your website.

3.Product images

Graphics are the most appealing part of your e-commerce website. Spend enough amount of time to work on them and make them captivating and engaging.

Search engines support image searches that can drive enough traffic to your website.


If a user browses something, you expect your website to be on the top. But, how will it be possible if your navigation path isn’t clear and easy?

Make sure to offer a clear navigation path to your users as it can be the biggest mistake that you make.

5.Broken links

Another thing that you don’t want to come across, is the dissatisfied face of your customers when they tap on your page and it takes them to a ‘404 error’.

A pro tip would be to run crawls regularly which will help you detect any errors or issues that can repel your customers.

That was all that you needed to know about SEOs and e-commerce websites. Wait!

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