This is Technique to do gardening without soil or soil Media. Which is called hydroponics.The technique of growing plants without soil only in water or in controlled climates between pebbles is called hydroponic. It is also called hydroponics farming system.
In this system, high quality vegetables can be grown much more quickly and easily than in traditional horticulture. The word hydroponic originated from the two Greek words Hydro and Ponos. Hydro means. Water, while Ponos means work. Hydroponics is a modern farming technique. Which means farming by water.

Hydroponics systems can grow large quantities of healthy food in a sustainable way, in spite of having less space. This technology is being adopted very much in big cities. In fact, due to increasing urbanization and increasing population, there is also a shortage of land for crops and plants. In hydroponics system, you can grow plants and vegetables etc. in your flat or in any corner of the house or even on the terrace.

This technique yields 3 times more reading than mango farming. This technology provides people with the ability to grow food even in places where traditional agriculture is not possible. Generally, all types of vegetables can be produced in tomato, chillies, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, brinjal, capsicum, bitter gourd etc. in hydroponics farming system. In hydroponic systems, plants are provided with different types of nutrients, in which organic manure, chemical fertilizer or nutrients prepared by artificial methods, etc. are prominent.

The hydroponics farming system also offers many advantages, one of them being the reduction in water usage for agriculture, ie where 70 liters of water is used to grow 1 kg of tomatoes in ordinary farming, hydroponics requires only 20 liters of water. it occurs.

Let us know what hydroponics is, how it can be useful for us and where it is being used in our country.
Hydroponics technology is being used for crop production in many western countries. In our country also, hydroponics technology is growing and growing crops without soil and soil in many areas of the country. In arid regions like Rajasthan where there are adverse climatic conditions for fodder production, this technique can prove to be a boon in those areas.
In far-fetched terms, it is a modern farming technique in which the level of plant growth, productivity, nutrients are controlled scientifically by water.

This method of farming is becoming very popular in big cities and metros and it has also had a great impact on modern farming methods,

The plant is enriched with specific nutrients given in specific quantity along with water for better growth and better yield and production.

Plant & Root Support System: – Generally in hydroponics systems, arrangements are made to support the plant and the roots of the plant directly for upward growth, for which many mediums and plastics are used.

Supply of Nutrient: – Whereas in traditional farming plants take water and nutrients from the soil, in hydroponics agriculture system, balanced amount of nutrients are transported to the plants.

Supply of Oxygen: – In soil based farming, plants get oxygen from the soil, but in hydroponics agriculture system plants get oxygen from the water, just like oxygen is provided for the fish in aquarium tanks.

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