What is Glycaemic Response Term In Diabetes? Why should One Need To Understand It?

The diabetic patient knows the effects of good and bad carbs on their glucose levels. Each carb has a different impact on your blood glucose, which is why the Glycemic index is used to figure out the effect of certain foods (containing carbohydrates) on your blood sugar level. These foods are then ranked according to their potential of increasing blood glucose levels.

In simple words, the glycemic index helps you measure the carb count in foods, thus making it easier for you to choose foods containing good carbs. The higher the glycemic index, the higher the count of good carbs in the food. Now, the glycemic response is defined as the changes in your glucose level after your intake of carb-rich foods.

Understanding Glycemic Response

The fluctuations in blood glucose levels and the time it takes for the glucose to rise and fall are called Glycemic responses. The GI can vary for each carb depending on the food consumed and the quantity of protein and fats in the food. The digestible carbs lead to a sudden rise in glucose levels. For any diabetic patient, it is really necessary to keep the blood glucose levels in check.

Fat and fiber-rich foods have a major impact on the glycemic response of any food. The longer it takes for your digestive system to empty, the slower the digestion of the carbohydrates is. That is why medical practitioners recommend cooked and processed food.

Not only is it absorbed easily, but quick digestion of the processed food helps you with blood glucose management. Note that the type of food you eat affects the Glycemic Response. To keep the blood sugar levels balanced, it is important to combine food containing low and high GI. Even though the GI is mainly affected by the carbohydrates, the size of your meal, the method of cooking, type of food, and other nutrients also play a crucial role in fluctuating the glycemic levels.

The Importance of Glycemic Response for Diabetic Patients

In order to keep blood sugar levels in control, achieving a glycemic balance is a must for every diabetic patient. That can be done by monitoring the carbs in a food. The total carbs in your meal will have a direct impact on the glycemic levels, which is why you must use the Glycemic index and other measures to figure out the good and bad carbohydrates in your food.

Remember that the GI concept is applicable only when you eat something on an empty stomach. There is strong evidence that managing the glycemic levels of your diet could have a significant impact on your weight management, diabetes, and heart conditions. Should you have a hard time dealing with glycemic control, visit the diabetes center in Navi Mumbai. You must also visit the obesity management clinic in Vashi and discuss your medical condition with an obesity specialist to ensure weight management.

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Author Name : Dr.Vinod Methil

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